Another Winton Machine Engineered Solution: One Continuous Operation to Feed, Cut, Bend & Drill Tubing

Winton Machine was contacted by an HVAC equipment producer who manufactures commercial kitchen ventilation systems looking to increase accuracy and efficiency in their tube fabrication process. They specifically identified the need for a solution to eliminate a manual tube transfer to complete a secondary drilling operation.
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Winton Machine Announces a Safety Clamp for Rotary Draw Tube Benders

Winton Machine Company has announced a safety clamp feature on its rotary draw bender line of equipment that is capable of preventing an operator’s hand from being caught by the clamping motion.
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Winton Machine Announces a Cost-Saving Drilling Option for Rotary Draw CNC Tube Benders

Winton Machine announces a drilling option to its Rotary Draw CNC tube benders allowing the end user to eliminate the need for a secondary operation, reducing cycle time, improving repeatability and reducing overhead costs
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Vote for Winton Machine: Finalist for the Pinnacle Small Business Awards 2018

Winton Machine is honored to be a 2018 Pinnacle Small Business Awards Finalist! Now we need everyone to vote for us as your Fan Favorite.
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Winton Machine Represents State of Georgia at White House Made In America Product Showcase

On Monday, July 23, 2018, Winton Machine participated in the 2nd Annual Made in America Product Showcase, representing the state of Georgia.
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