Bellow Cut-off Machine

Product Description

This Bellow Cut-off machine makes one cut close to the head stock.  The position of the cut will be controlled by the spinning internal arbor and the details located on the external cross slide.  One cut per cycle.  Operator to rotate bellow 180° to make second cut as needed.  Machine cycle time projected to be 5 seconds.  This machine is ideal for cutting bellows for the  Automotive, Heavy duty off road equipment, and Aerospace industries.

Product Details

3 ½” Diameter Bellows Cutoff machine, includes:

• PLC controlled rotary scissor cutting process
• PLC source code provided with machine
• All pneumatic cylinders, no hydraulics
• Electric motor, horizontal spindle design
• Linear bearings on cross slide
• Precision cross slide with hand wheel adjustment
• Dual optical switches cycle start, automatic cycle
• Assembly drawings included with full bill of material
• Dry operation, no coolant
• Manual load and unload
• Electrical power input 208 VAC three phase
• 8o PSI shop air
• Footprint is 2.5’ x 4’