AM150 Angle Measuring Machine

Product Description

The AM150 digital protractor uses two arms to measure a bend angle. One arm is fixed and the other arm (dynamic) has two axis of motion. The dynamic arm has both rotational and linear motion. The rotational motion is guided by sealed roller bearings and the linear motion is guided by a linear ball bearing. These combined motions allow the AM150 digital protractor to move quickly from one bend configuration to another while at the same time providing sensitivity for accurate measuring. Patented.

Product Details


Measuring Range, Bend Angle

0° to 190° -  Arm Has 360° Capability

Table Top Size

28" W x 33" D

Maximum Tube Size

6” OD x 9” Centerline Radius


± 0.1°

Displayed Bend Angle

X.X° Increments

Power Input

110 VAC,  50/60Hz