Aircraft Specialty Flightlines Improves Customized Prototype to Production Time with Winton Machine’s Engineered Solutions

by | Apr 15, 2019 | News

Over the last several years, Winton Machine has provided engineered solutions for Aircraft Specialty Flightlines (ASF) with facilities located in Wisconsin and South Carolina. ASF serves the experimental aircraft industry by providing custom aircraft consulting and services. According to their website, the current product offering includes:

  • Complete line of Aircraft tools
  • Aircraft Building Supplies
  • Custom Engraving
  • Custom CNC Aircraft Parts
  • Custom Aircraft Instrument Panel Fabrication
  • Aircraft Fuel and Hydraulic Hoses

Steve Tschurwald and Tom Swearengen, Co-Owners of ASF, originally selected the RD-20NC Rotary Draw Tube Bender as their first Winton machine to improve their concept time from prototype to production.

“Automated machining and tooling allow us to make parts quickly, accurately and repetitively which wouldn’t be possible to prototype with hand bending tooling,” said Steve. They also use the Winton machine to fabricate custom aircraft components such as fuel and hydraulic hoses.

Aviation Specialty tooling Winton Machine USA

Aviation Specialty tooling Winton Machine USA

Aviation Specialty tooling for ASF Winton Machine USA

Aviation Specialty tooling for ASF Winton Machine USA

The Winton e-Series RD-20eCNC Rotary Draw Tube Bender has now additionally been installed with another machine on order to support their multi-facility needs. Steve shared,

“I thought we were going to be done with the original RD20NC we purchased. And now here we are. Keep building great products and I’m fairly certain I’ll need something additional in the future. I’m very pleased with the product and the service I have received from all of you.”

Winton Machine is privileged to have this ongoing opportunity to work with Steve and Tom in support of their unique product offerings in the experimental aircraft industry. It’s one of Winton’s Core Values to design customized solutions around the needs of the customer.  This ensures that they can continue to be innovative and successful both now and in the future.

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