Custom Tube Bending and Fabrication Solutions for the Refrigeration Industry

Refrigeration manufacturing often requires a variety of different types of tube fabrication machinery to fit each individual project. Winton Machine can provide tube bending equipment to meet the needs of most projects in the refrigeration industry.

Why Choose Winton Machine?

At Winton Machine, our in-house proprietary software allows us to custom program our tube fabrication machines. We also build and distribute a variety of tube end formersserpentine tube benderscut-to-length machines, and tube fabrication centers.  Winton has a large variety of tube fabrication solutions to offer.  The geometry of the tube along with your financial budget should help make a determination regarding what type of capital equipment your company purchases.  If your customers’ expect your refrigeration equipment to be efficient, dependable, and easy to use, then you should expect the same from the manufacturers of the fabrication equipment you purchase.

The Next Big Thing in CNC Tube Fabrication!

What if we told you that Winton Machine has designed a CNC tube bending machine that is made completely in the USA, only requires one operator and could reduce your cost of goods sold?  Would you want to try this machine for yourself? Well, now you can!

Introducing the Winton Machine OB 23 Orbital Tube Bender. This tube fabrication machine pulls from a bulk spool of tubing and performs all of the following functions:

  • Optional batch programming allowing you to run different parts back to back
  • Cut & Bend all in one machine
  • Windows PC interface allows for efficient part management

Contact Winton Machine Today

If your refrigeration manufacturing company would like to learn more about how you can improve your efficiency and profitability with our customized solutions and proprietary software, contact Winton Machine today and talk to one of our industry experts.