CNC Tube Bending & Fabrication Solutions for the HVAC Industry

Winton Machine understands that HVAC manufacturers have a need for tube fabricating solutions that are repeatable, easy to use, low maintenance, and have excellent technical support.  Bending copper tubing or HVAC supply lines with hand tools or older model machinery can often cause damage to the tubing or crimping of the bends which results in unnecessary waste and profit loss.

How Can Winton Machine Help Improve Your HVAC Manufacturing Process?

Our CNC tube bending machines, cut-to-length machines, and tube end formers offer a variety of tube fabricating solutions ideal for HVAC equipment manufacturers.  Our machinery can be programmed to produce the parts you need. Winton can review your part drawings and make recommendations specific to your manufacturing process enabling you to purchase the most cost-effective solution.  If you are involved in any type of tube fabrication production, keep Winton in mind as we are here to keep your parts moving forward.

We've Created the Ultimate Tube Fabrication Solution!

Winton Machine’s newest CNC tube bender will enable you to reduce your labor costs as well as your manufacturing space allocation resulting in a faster return on investment. The OB23 CNC Tube Bender allows one single operator to cut and bend in one operation.

  • Optional batch programming allowing you to run different parts back to back
  • Cut & Bend all in one machine
  • Windows PC interface allows for efficient part management

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