About Us

About Us

Winton Machine Company

Winton Machine was founded in 1997 by company owners, George and Lisa Winton, in the basement of their home in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The company started by designing and building dedicated hand benders. Over the next 12 months, it acquired some chip cutting machines and soon the Winton’s basement machine shop was filled with equipment and supplies. A few short months later, Winton Machine received its initial machinery order and the company moved into its first manufacturing facility. In the past 20 years, the company has expanded using Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and has moved to a larger facility four times. Today Winton Machine employs over 35 people and has a 13,000 square foot facility in Suwanee.

“We feel strongly about being a local manufacturer and bringing jobs to Georgia. Our company is built on integrity—doing what is best for the customer—and providing complete solutions. One of our key competitive advantages is that we are capable of modifying our existing machine designs as well as engineering new solutions,” said George Winton, Co-founder and President of Winton Machine.

Winton Machine designs and manufacturers all of its machinery onsite in Suwanee. The company, which started with building one machine, now manufactures over 100 different machines and has also developed its own proprietary software that is used exclusively on Winton Machine products. The company continues to expand its core line of tube fabrication equipment by adding customer-requested features and creating engineered solutions for the specific manufacturing needs of customers. Winton Machine has delivered high quality, U.S. made machines to over 500 customers in the United States and around the world, from China, South Korea, Russia, and Israel to Mexico, Ecuador and Sweden.

We specialize in HVAC/Refrigeration, Aerospace, Electronics, Microwave and Military as well as serving smaller companies across a wide variety of industries. We serve top companies and organizations in the U.S. and around the world, including American BOA, AGCO, All MEPP, CIBA Vision, Electrolux, General Electric, General Atomic, Graco, Haralson Metals, Hill Phoenix, ITT, Knoll, Lockheed Martin, LXE, Meggitt Training Systems, NASA, Ohio Air National Guard, Playworld Systems, Raytheon, Titan Tool, Trane, True Manufacturing, and the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy.



Our mission at Winton is to design and build tube and coax fabricating machinery that adds value to our customers' bottom line; to provide a stable and healthy environment for all our team members; to be known throughout the industry for delivering systems backed by expert and expedient technical support. 

Winton is committed to customize its standard products to meet its customer's specific needs. This allows Winton to stand out from its competitors. By coupling outstanding customer support with its world-class manufacturing standards, each customer is assured that Winton will deliver and support its US built equipment. 

About the Machines We Build 

All tube bending machines are designed and tested in house. We use standard purchased components to build every tube bending machine. We at Winton are proud of the quality of every tube bender sold. Please, contact us today and ask how the quality of the tube bending machines we build will translate into quality bent tubing on your shop floor.