3 Position Rotary Uncoiler - Horizontal

Product Description

Save Time by Feeding Tube from 3 Spools of Aluminum or Copper

Winton's triple non-powered payoff enables you to pull aluminum or copper tubing from 3 different spools enabling you to save time on long runs of the same size or varying sizes. 

The tubing is than ready to be fed into a tube straight cutoff machine and/or integrated into a tube bender or tube bending cell. Raw material costs are rising and purchasing aluminum or copper tube off of a spool rather than in straight lengths can quickly validate your return on investment for this tube payoff.


The Winton Promise

Winton is committed to supplying its customers with high quality products that have a positive impact on your production process. We offer installation services and ongoing support on all our products to make sure they continue to work with your processes. Winton's engineered solutions create new innovative machines as well as adaptions for existing ones. We will customize our standard products to meet your specific needs. Contact us today.

Ready to save time and money?

3 Position Horizontal Rotary Uncoiler