Model DH25H

Product Description

Standard Equipment, Model DH25 Double Hit End Forming Machine

The Winton DH25H is a high speed end forming machine designed for production. The DH25H is a Double hit model with a top load and a front load.

Winton's DH25H is a double hit ram type end former capable of tube flaring swaging and bead forming. This machine has applications in the automotive HVAC furniture construction and special applications.

Quick change tooling is used to keep change over times to a minimum. For example our 37 degree flaring tool set takes 3 minutes to change out. Other similar tools would be for brake line flaring bubble flaring and tube end forming.

Product Details


This machine offers manufacturing flexibility by enabling the operator to form the end of the tube before or after bending the tube. 

  • All hydraulic, ram and clamp cylinders
  • Top guard interlock switch – guard must be in position to operate
  • PLC controlled
  • 4 to 5 seconds cycle time for a single hit, 7 to 8 seconds for a double hit
  • Quick change tooling
  • Top guard is electrically interlocked
  • Front and side safety guards
  • Free standing machine base
  • NEMA box enclosure for all electrical components
  • Controller provides for single hit or double hit end forms

Product Video